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Rev. 10/19/03

Non-compliance with the following rules will be cause for removal from the directory without reimbursement of any monies paid. All complaints which are brought to the committee will be investigated and must be documented. Any complaints will be brought to the attention of the breeder involved. One warning of non-compliance may be issued at the committee’s discretion. Any action taken will be upon approval of the SFNC Board.

  1. Breeders will include in contracts on breeding stock (unaltered animals) that these animals must have the same basic health checks done as the sire and dam and not be bred until after testing is completed. Prior to breeding, breeders must obtain OFA hip certification of fair or better on both the sire and dam. Dogs or bitches bred under the age of two must have a preliminary OFA evaluation of fair or better. Within one year prior to breeding, breeders must have the eyes of both sire and dam examined by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist and deemed normal. Breeders must have the hearts and patella of both sire and dam evaluated by a licensed veterinarian and determined to be normal. Breeders will apply the same high standards to outside bitches sent to their stud dogs as they apply to their own breeding stock.

  2. All puppies must be given a health check by a veterinarian prior to placement. Buyers should be encouraged to have the puppies checked by their own veterinarians within 72 hours of obtaining their puppy. The puppy may be returned for a full refund if a problem is found by Buyer’s Veterinarian when the puppy is examined within the time limits.

  3. A puppy must not to be released to a buyer prior to 7 weeks of age. Breeders must encourage buyers of pet puppies to spay/neuter. Methods should include written spay/neuter contracts, limited registration, and/or spay/neuter rebates. Puppy socialization and obedience classes should be recommended. The achievement of a Canine Good Citizen certificate should be encouraged.

  4. Breeders must give to every buyer (whether with limited or unlimited registration) a copy of the sire and dam's ratings from OFA, a copy of the latest eye exam on sire and dam, any shot records and health exams for the puppy, a copy of the pedigree for that puppy, and AKC papers unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

  5. For any breeding that is accidental and the required paperwork/health checks for the sire and dam have not been done, the breeder must provide a letter stating the circumstances with the puppy's sale.

  6. Any known health or temperament issues for sire or dam must be disclosed to puppy buyers or anyone who is using a Breeder’s dog for breeding. For example of health issues, see #1. Examples of temperament issues may include aggressive tendencies, guarding behavior or shyness. Keep in mind, inherent temperament will be greatly influenced (good/bad) by socializing, training, and environment.

  7. If a puppy exhibits unprovoked aggression toward people, the puppy must be evaluated by the breeder or a licensed behaviorist. Depending on the evaluation, the puppy owner may return the puppy to the breeder. Breeders must carefully consider temperament in evaluating breeding stock. Every effort should be made to match all puppy temperaments to the new owner’s environment.

  8. Breeders agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of both the NSCA and the SFNC. Breeders must not engage in misleading or false advertising and may not use SFNC or NSCA membership as a marketing tool.


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